Friday, March 24, 2006

Is Google Having a Larf?

It's always interesting to see how people get to this Blog. Here are just a selection of the Google searches that led people here yesterday...

1. Google: gossip, jack, straw, beverley, hughes
2. Yahoo: why, garth, crooks, irritating
3. Google: nude, shots, kirstie, location, location, location
4. Google: ann, widdecombe, gay, rights
5. Google: soames, wardrobe, key
6. Google: jenny, scott, daily, politics, naked pics

I can't think what number 1 can be alluding to. I wasn't aware either of them had been holding talks in Uganda lately. Number two is presumably rhetorical. Number 3 leads me to ask why Google chose this site to direct them to. The first two words in number 4 are mutually exclusive to the second two. Number 5 hardly bears thinking about. For number 6 see number 3. Hilarious.


BondBloke said...

I also am mystified as to why people wind at the blog when I see some of the seatch terms that have brought them, I can only assume that there are some sort of weird word associations going on somewhere withing the search algorithm...

Anonymous said...

bet whoever typed number 6 in was disappoiunted with your site....who said politics wasn't sexy?

neil craig said...

Clearly to get a lot of hits one should put in words like nude, naked & Widdecombe.

Tim Roll-Pickering said...

soames, wardrobe, key refers to your post Whale Spotted in The Thames - Nicholas Soames Rumoured to Have Gone Swimming and some of the comments on it.

I want to know why I keep getting visits to my blog by people searching for abortions in oxted. Every other search so far this month is easy to understand (the overwhelming majority are searching for information on my late friend and colleague Laura Blomeley) and why it brings people to my site but this one just doesn't make sense.

Last month I had some strange ones - ruth kelly sexuality mp was easily the strangest!