Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Mogadon Ming Strikes Again

Ming Campbell has just admitted on 5 Live that John Major tried to get him to defect in the mid 1990s. If I were him I'd save that kind of info for his memoirs. He also rather disingenuously said "Remember what the Tories did to William Hague at the first opportunity". Is the old boy's memory going? The Party didn't ditch William Hague, he resigned on the day after the 2001 election. What a boring interviewee Ming is. I almost nodded offzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


Anonymous said...

Hmm quite. Almost as good was the bit where he tried manfully to remember where the Question Time debate had been held "was it...now it'll come to me in a minute...no let me get it...it's on the tip of my tongue..."

Coupled to which the 5 minutes he spent explaining the intricacies of the bookies leadership market had me switching over to local radio (break glass in case of emergency).

It will, very shortly, become a key component in courses on how not to get your message across when faced with a UK wide audience.

Anonymous said...

Having stumbled across you doing the paper review late night now and then Iain I'd say pots and kettles. Not surprised they call it the graveyard shift!