Friday, March 17, 2006

Tales of Elspeth Campbell No 1

Lady Elspeth Campbell is threatening to become a national treasure. So in her honour I am starting an occasional series which will consist of anecdotes about the Grand Dame of the Liberal Democrats. This is from today's Press Gazette diary...

Simon Carr (Independent sketch writer: Are you going to have a baby to keep up with the other party leaders' wives?
Lady C: Are you calling me fat? (cue coquettish laughter)
Simon C then presses her further
Lady C: If I were to, it would have to be through IVF.
Simon C: Not while there's breath in my body, it wouldn't

And so say all of us. Should you have any amusing anecdote of my new favourite political lady (Hazel Blears, you have been replaced in my affections...sob) then please do email me and I will share them with a joyful nation.

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stalin's gran said...

Have you been taking drugs?