Monday, March 20, 2006

Mrs Henderson Presents...A Triumph

I've just finished watching Mrs Henderson Presents on DVD. What a superb film. I didn't really want to see it but was dragooned into it. I'm now rather glad I was. Judi Dench was, as ever, superb, although she did remind of me of Queen. Thelma Barlow (more famous as Mavis from Coronation Street) was brilliant, although I kept expecting to hear her say "well I don't really know, Rita"! In fact, I thought she was the best performer in the whole film. I'm not a great fan of Bob Hoskyns, but even he was good, although the shock of seing him naked nearly brought my dinner back. Will Young was also good (my friend Mrs S would no doubt agree!). A real feel-good movie. All in all, a very pleasant 90 minutes.

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