Saturday, March 25, 2006

My Interview on US Shock Jock Radio

Yesterday I did a few media puffs for my Thatcher book here in Washington. One was with a Conservative Talk Radio Station in St Louis, Missouri. The show is called NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH and is hosted by a young 'shock jock' called Crane Durham (pic left). Apart from talking about Thatcher and Reagan we discussed the war on terror and Britain's attitude to a military strike against Iran and North Korea. As you can imagine he took a rather more 'gung ho' attitude to that than I did. It was certainly a different kind of conversation to any radio interview I've ever taken part in in the UK but it was hugely enjoyable. Anyway, I stayed on the show for nearly an hour in the end and I'm now going to do a regular monthly slot for them to give a UK perspective on Conservative issues. I'd absolutely love to host a show similar to Craig's but due to our radio licensing system I doubt it would ever be possible on mainstream radio. So for the moment podcasting will have to suffice!

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PTT said...

Thanks for appearing on the radio show. If you knew Crane Durham you would know that his political leanings are anything but conservative. Talk radio Conservatism is built around base emotions reacting to a changing world. Being a disagreeable hack is also a characteristic. Conservatism, in the American talk radio world, should be more appropriately known as Contortionism. Intellectual discussion of public affairs is little more than a game determining who can contorting one's ideas to support Republican policy in the fewest moves. Any appeal to what the symbolic and mythical "Founding Fathers" is always worth bonus points.

From the desk of a Goldwater conservative, I wish you well from the Colonies.