Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Caspar Weinberger: Defender of Freedom

I just wanted to add my thoughts to the many in today's newspapers about the sad death of Caspar Weinberger. He was a complete Anglogphile and I suspect we still don't know the exact role he played in helping us during the Falklands War. Mrs T maintains to this day that without him we would have been scuppered. He was a staunch Reaganite and wrote a highly entertaining memoir about his time in business and politics. He wrote me a letter once. I have never seen such spidery handwriting, except on a doctor's prescription! I think his main political legacy will be his role in defending freedom during the Cold War years of the early 1980s.

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Floreat Aula said...

I had the privilege of meeting him a couple of times at Oxford when he was in town for variuos speeches etc. He was a really decent fellow - interested, interesting, funny, sharp as anything and a wonderful speaker.

I suspect that like Ronnie he won't be given his due this side of the pond. Ironic as the lessons so patiently taught by the Reagan administrations are still so relevant today.