Saturday, March 18, 2006

Another 90 Minutes of Fun

I'm sitting in Row K of the Dr Martens Stand at West Ham freezing my nads off once again, about to watch a second string Hammers team play Harry Redknapp's Portsmouth. Stuck on the back of every seat is a poster which reads "Injury compensation - can you claim? Find out before it's too late!" I don't think this is aimed at Michael Owen but you never know. People love to hate lawyers anyway, but I think anyone can be forgiven for having a special amount of contempt for ambulance chasing compensation lawyers. Even journos and politicians come above them in the Most Hated Professions league table. I think.

Have you downloaded my second podcast yet? Come on you Irons!


barbara worth said...

Hi Iain

Yes, I did down load the podcast and in fact I have now listened to it again before commenting as I had had a few Friday night sherberts when I first listened. I have to say I thought the first one- which I liked a lot- was much better.

I think 10 minutes on one theme is a tough gig. You have to have something of depth to offer, so perhaps it's easier to manage this in print or at least Alistair Cooke style on the radio.

I didn't feel Daniel got beyond anything which was not already out there, but that would be virtually impossible in a chatty format recorded on location. I think the outside broadcast chat format is better used for a magazine style flit round a few subjects, like your first podcast. I also think the tone needs to be a bit more irreverent if you are in the pub.

Hope you don't mind the mixed input. I didn't comment on the iPod thread but since you specifically asked ... (and I hate it myself when I don't get any feedback on a new venture)

Anonymous said...

It's all gone quiet over there!