Friday, March 31, 2006

Harriet Harman Speaks on Debt Management!

You know how sometimes events throw up some strange coincidences? Like two football teams draw each other in the FA Cup but then play each other in the League the next Saturday? Well guess who got to speak in the Commons yesterday on "Debt management". Yep, none other than Harriet Harman, wife of the man who raised the Loans for Peerages scandal in the first place. You really couldn't make it up. During the Westminster Hall debate she said this - and kept a straight face...

"First of all, a person receives a wrong; then, they make the effort to go to court; and then the person who did the wrong cocks a snoop at the whole system and refuses to pay. That is a major problem. We ought to recognise that the problem is that many people think that they just do not have to pay. Many agencies and organisations have to spend time chasing people who think that even though they owe somebody something—because they owe them a debt or have done them a wrong—they can just walk away from it. We should all condemn those people who do a wrong to someone and think that they do not have to provide recompense."

As Ken Dodd might put it, it's "Hatti-filarious"!

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Rigger Mortice said...

Strange how she's an agent of the govt that's made it easier to go bankrupt than ever before...which has obviously made them more popular given how many are now choosing this method of debt repayment!