Sunday, March 26, 2006

Tony Blair Visits His New Zealand Soul/SleazeMate

This week Tony Blair will be visiting one of his best political friends, New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark. They have a lot in common. They're both in their third terms and they're both mired in sleaze. Helen Clark spent NZ$440,000 from her Leader's Office budget on Pledge Cards, which she denied were anything to do with election campaigning. Inspector Knacker was called in to investigate, but surprise, surprise, didn't prosecute. A foretaste of the Police invesigation into Loans for Lordships methinks. For any other result would have to result in Tony Blair's resignation. Anyway, I digress. Kiwiblog (the best NZ political blog) points me to an editorial in this morning's New Zealand Sunday Star Times, which is well worth a read. It's headlined SLEAZY STRIFE FOR TWO MATES and contrasts the position of the two leaders.


Hughes Views said...

Could it be that "Inspector Knacker ... didn't prosecute" because there was no evidence? But then it's such a bore to have to gather evidence; 'no smoke without fire' type innuendo is much to be preferred in a mud slinging campaign!

Is this the new pure Tory politics we were promised?

Man in a Shed said...

"Is this the new pure Tory politics we were promised?"?

Given the route by which New Labour came to power ( ie mud slinging ) its rather hard to complain now.

Iain Dale said...

Hughes, There's no innuendo there at all. I was stating a fact. If the Police charge anyone, Blair's toast. Even you would have to surely agree that would be the case.

David Farrar said...

There was plenty of evidence to prosecute. The Chief Electoral Officer and the Electoral Commission both said that Labour had over-spent.

The NZ Police in a fit of cowardice decided not to prosecute as it was not in the public interest!!

Tory Ted said...

For the benefit of English readers, NZ$440,000 equates to roughly four pound fifty.

David Morton said...

you can't really compare Clark and Blair. Hasn't she effectively resusitated her party after it went Nulabour before new labour in the 80's?

I imagine he has only stopped off to assuage the party in Britain. left to him he'd have just talked to the conservative Howard.