Friday, March 31, 2006

Apparently I'm Running a Tory Slush Fund!

A friend of mine has just taken a call from a tabloid journalist who asked him if I was running some kind of Tory slush fund! This is the extent to which this story is becoming fucking pathetic somewhat ridiculous. If any other journalist would like to contact me with any information as to how this is doing the rounds and where it's come from I'd love to hear from you! I suspect my lawyers (if I had any...) would be interested too...


Jonathan Sheppard said...

Damn - didn't I buy the drinks last time we met. I know it only cost about £1 - if only I'd known!!

Anonymous said...

There is another issue; were any of these donations gifts dressed as loans to avoid the rules on disclosure?
A question as I understand it yet to be answred satisfactorily by either party

Anonymous said...

Come on, Iain, you know more than you're letting on, dontcha?

Let me guess, your Caman Islands account has £5m in it, just waiting to be returned when the dust settles.


How about; you took the cool five mil and transferred it into Marks and Sparks vouchers, which you will then give to various members of the Tory hierarchy as christmas gifts.

Clever, very clever.


In a KLF-style moment of madness you burnt the £5m as a symbol of future tory purity.

Iain Dale said...

It was Cromer, actually :) LOL