Monday, March 20, 2006

Come in Alan Rusbridger - Your Time is Up

Alan Rusbridger is editor of The Guardian. Today his newspaper calls for Tony Blair to step down. Rusbridger declares: "Nine years is long enough". Hear, hear, we all chorus. But hang on a cotton pickin' minute. How long has Rusbridger been sitting in The Guardian's editor's chair? A stonking 11 years! The words kettle, pot and black come to mind but not necessarily in that order.

Hattip Londoner's Diary


Anonymous said...

Errr... but Alan Rusbridger isn't running the country and he is running the Guardian extremely well.....

Paul Linford said...

I'm no apologist for the Grauniad Iain, but what complete crap!

Tony Blair has led Britain into an illegal war, cheapened and demeaned British politics in his obsession with presentation and spin, completely betrayed millions of Labour supporters who sat through 18 years of Thatcherism and thought it might actually be different when Labour took over, and now further debased our political culture by presiding over a loans-for-honours racket.

Meanwhile Alan Rusbridger has overseen a ground-breaking relaunch of his newspaper in a new-size format and spearheaded the development of Guardian Unlimited into one of Europe's biggest and most successful websites.

No comparison.

Anonymous said...

Iain, the Lib Dems published the list of their lenders on Friday night. Labour have just done so. Cameron says it's difficult to name people who have given loans in the past. Err, what have got to say about that?

PS What are your top 10 favourite political websites?