Friday, March 31, 2006

Read Francis Maude's Statement in Full

For anyone who doubts how open the Tory Party has been on donations and loans, I would urge them to read Francis Maude's statement in full by clicking HERE. No political party in Britain has ever bared its financial soul in such a transparent way. So I say again, let the media spotlight return from whence it came!


Anonymous said...

Were any of the repaid loans from overseas?

There's lots of media talk about that and I haven't seen the Tories give a direct answer to this. Until there is a straight answer, I think there are plenty of grounds for doubting how open the Tories have been.

Iain Dale said...

Let's just say they were. Can you explain to me exactly which law has been broken or which rule has been transgressed?

Anonymous said...

The statement is less than open. It doesn't say who leant money to finance the election and it doesn't say where the money being lent came from - just the ultimate "beneficial interest".

Cameron has blown it.