Saturday, March 18, 2006

On News 24 Tonight

I'll be reviewing the Sunday papers tonight on BBC News 24 at 11.45pm. Do join me!


Rigger Mortice said...

Sadly Iain,I shall be in a dingy nightclub watching nubile young fillies in short skirts walk by,hopefully covered in cheap perfume-my personal fave, wearing wonderbras and with a cheeky glint in their eye.
Otherwise I would.

Iain Dale said...

A much better use of your time, I'd say.

Anonymous said...

Having a lie in this morning are we Iain after your exhausting TV work?

Judging by the newspaper headlines today, this has to be Labour's Black Sunday - I expected you to be up and at 'em very early.

But then again, I suppose that's what you were doing on the prog last night.As an expert in such matters, how long do you expect TB to last?