Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Computer Help

Does anyone know which keys I press on a normal laptop keyboard to get an upward arrow and a downward arrow?!


Anonymous said...

Simply put, there isn't a way. The closest things on the computer keyboard to arrows are ^v<> (ie. shift-6, lowercase-v, shift-comma, shift-full stop)

In Word, you can enter symbols by using fonts such as wingdings or by inserting a picture.

If you are looking for ways to represent your conventional wisdom index, I recommend using small pictures of up and down arrows (or indeed side-to-side arrows for neutral entries)

Biodun said...


Always be suspicious when someone tells you "there isn't a way".

It depends on the font you're using for your blog.
Some have up and down arrows, others don't.

I believe you're using Garamond on this blog, so you should be fine.

The short way

Copy and paste the above arrows.

The long way
Assuming you're using Windows XP

1) Go to
Start -> Programs -> Accessories ->
System Tools -> Character Map
2) Select Garamond as your font
3)Scroll down and look for the up and down arrows
4)Select them (use 'Select Button')
5) Copy them (use 'Copy Button')

and you're good to go.
There is another way to get arrows, but I think I should charge for any extra "consultancy" work I do here! ;-)

Theo Spark said...

Try the up and down arrows!!!