Monday, March 20, 2006

Rik Mayall to Make Comeback?

I have just seen Rik Mayall in the Atrium about to do some New Statesman filming - well that's what it looked like. He was with his screen wife and lots of girls wearing B'stard red rosettes. Maybe he's defected to New Labour! Can anyone shed any light?


Jonathan Sheppard said...

Mr B'stard hasnt lent anyone any money recently has he - and suddenly become a Lord?

ContraTory said...

Yes, the new Alan B'stard is a Labour MP. I think I'll make a point of seeing the play when it arrives in Woking.

Anonymous said...

It was the presscall for the new New Statesman touring play. Journalists were all given an envelope with the word "BRIBE" on it.

Anonymous said...

Here's what a Google search finds:

Meet the New Labour B'Stard!

Rik Mayall (The Young Ones, Bottom, All About George) stars in

The New Statesman

Does a leopard ever chnage his spots? Parliament is in session and one of the shining stars of Blair's New Labour cabinet takes his place in the House. Meet Alan B'Stard, impeccably pin-striped, nose aloft, stalking the corridors of power leaving a trail of destruction in his wake.

It's a political system with more spin that cruple. Will B'Stard - the most depraved and selfish politician of all time - still be in Blair's caring New Labour government? Will he find the weapons of mass destruction? Why is Condolezza Rice in and out of Alan's back door? How did Alan B'Stard get into the Labour party? Is anybody safe?..

Rik Mayall's hilarious comedy creation is brought bang up to date in this new play by the writers of the original hit TV series, Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran.


Anonymous said...

Paul Linford said...

Currently running on PA:

Alan B'Stard is back - and this time he's teaming up with Tony Blair.

The obnoxious politician, played by comedian Rik Mayall, is returning to the public eye after a break of 15 years.

His TV series, The New Statesman, has been turned into a stage play which opens next month.

B'Stard has switched from the Tories to New Labour and become the Prime Minister's right hand man.

The satire pokes fun at the Government and its fruitless search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

And Mayall joked that Mr Blair is already trying to silence him - two policemen interrupted the launch on the green outside the House of Commons to move the actor on.

Explaining B'Stard's defection to Labour, Mayall explained: "They are young, they are sexy and they are much more Right-wing than the Conservative Party."

"Only one man can save Tony Blair, and that's Alan B'Stard."

The play finds B'Stard a multi-millionaire after cleaning up on Black Wednesday.

The oily politician is now installed at No 9 Downing Street and has a role as Tony Blair's "enforcer" - enlisting Peter Mandelson and Alastair Campbell to do his dirty work.