Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Year in Blogposts

Well, it's the last day of the year, and during the course of 2009 I have writteen 2,256 blogposts (an average of 6 per day) - around three quarters of a million words. Here are a few of what I think have been my best blogposts of 2009. You, of course, may disagree! Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed reading at least somewhat what I have written this year. And if you haven't, feel free to get your money back!


My hopes & fears for President Obama
Choosing when to rebel

Fisking Peter Hitchens
25 random things about me
Banned by Derek Draper
25 more random things about me
Geert Wilders is an amateur Leni Riefenstahl
The Draper slo mo car crash continues
Rwanda: The shame of Donald Steinberg


Is Twitter for twats?
An email to Damian McBride
Why the expenses issue has to be addressed now
Obama saw my sister's beaver


Why I Can't Accept the Orwell Prize
My Part in the Fall of the Dock Labour Scheme
The start of Smeargate


Fortune favours brave chipmunks
How can we revive Parliament?
David Cameron will need to beat the forces of conservatism


Should I have questioned Gordon Brown's state of mind?
Paul Goodman is a sad loss to Politics
Bloggertariat v Commentariat


An open letter to Ben Bradshaw & Chris Bryant
April Pond has a moat!
How to attend a Count and lose gracefully (I think)
Andrew Mackinlay quits Parliament
Why the left have got it in for Trevor Phillips


Killing speed
We should obsess about the nation's health, not the NHS
In defence of Lord McColl & private healthcare

Visit to Armenia
Labour's Foreign Policy: Appeasement First
If Brown is ill, he deserves our compassion, not insults
Fisking James Macintyre
The worst kind of gesture politics
Fun with the Fabians

The hateful Daily Mail
Reflecting on Bracknell & moving on
Gordon Brown's Top 10 dithers
All women shortlists: not in my name
Thoughts on candidate selection
Why Liz Truss must pull through


If Lisbon is ratified what's the point of a referendum
Why Cameron deserves the party's support over Europe
We mustn't be afraid of risk

X Factor goes political
Letter to my 16 year old self

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