Friday, December 18, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Friday

1. James Macintyre writes another error ridden piece about a Tory blog lunch, which...
2. Shane Greer proceeds to demolish.
3. Iain Martin wants to know where Charlie Whelan is. Answer: hopefully stuck at Gatwick.
4. MixTogether on honour killings and multi culturalism.
5. Big Brother Watch on another example of CCTV abuse.
6. The TPA has evidence that West Sussex Council has abandoned its idiotic videos.
7. A Very Public Sociologist on the lifespan of political blogs.
8. George Monbiot finally says something sensible, and argues for an English Parliament.
9. Tory Politico profiles Bristol East candidate Adeela Shafi.
10. Neil Stockley on Nick Clegg at 2.
11. Richard Willis on a new poll, showing a big Tory lead.
12. Paul Waugh says Sir Thomas Legge really doesn't like MPs. Never!

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ItsFairComment said...

Well its friday and Gordon Brown continues to 'save the world' by making ever more crazy promises to cut 'emmissions' by 42 percent, which I take to be his losing the next election. If its not this, then it means a massive cut in Britain's national income. Or we could vote him (GB) out next May and scrap the potty idea that massive amounts of global income can alter climate change.Earth inc. is due to start cooling by 2012.At present global temps are in a plateau and have not risen since 1998..