Monday, December 28, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. SNP blogger Calum Cashley gives his new year predictions.
2. James Forsyth on what the Met can learn from New York's plummeting murder rate.
3. Richard Normington isn't closed for lunch.
4. Devil's Kitchen takes Sunny Hundal to task over his class war. And that's putting it mildly.
5. On the first month anniversary of her blog, Walaa Idris explains why she does it.
6. John Redwood isn't impressed by the Today Programme guest editors.
7. Kiwiblog has a link to a report on how New Zealand parties used new media in the 2008 election.
8. Daily Referendum has created some anti Labour & LibDem election posters.
9. EU Referendum on the lucrative sidelines of the IPCC chief.
10. Tory Politico agrees with Michael Howard on the need to tackle the BNP head on.
11. The Conservative Blog on how borrowing is now at 17% of GDP.
12. Paul Vickers visit's Hawarden, Gladstone's home.


Tapestry said...

The post I wrote on The Conservative Blog has been updated. I now have the government borrowing figure for 2009 at 18% GDP, and government spending for 2009 at 58% of GDP.

Maybe others have more sources that can help in presenting and digging out what the Chancellor is clearly most unwilling to reveal.

Please let me know.


Houdini said...

Paul Vickers starts off badly by claiming his sat nav needed wrestling with, and then it goes downhill from there.

He obviously tried to put spice into the piece and ended up looking stupid to anyone who knows the area.

Gladstone Castle is very easy to find, and Hawarden is a skip and jump from Chester. I know Sir Willy and his brother Francis and Hawarden Castle, and the estate.