Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Daley (Half) Dozen: Thursday

1. Paul Waugh on a fightback by Zac Goldsmith.
2. Tom Harris says class war is for losers. Perhaps he might tell Gordon.... or maybe he just did.
3. Party Lines has the second part of an interview with Chris Mounsey, leader of the Libertarian Party.
4. Danny Finkelstein captures every PM since Lloyd George on film.
5. Dylan Jones-Evans on "recession deniers".
6. Letters from a Tory asks if gay rights have gone too far.

Sorry for being lazy. I had to do this earlier as it's the Total Politics Xmas bash tonight!

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Tapestry said...

If Zac must reveal all, how about one Anthony Lynton Blair, whose offshore tax-free status is achieved by making use of a law he passed himself, and which no one quite understood until very recently.

Now will Gordon Brown be closing the loophole I doubt?

The other question is the extent to which Blair is milking Carbon Credits. The connection from Tata Steel to the closure of Redcar and $1 billion in carbon credits, to Blair, runs from the beginning to the end. No questions being asked about that in the MSM I see.

Does Blair Have His Snout In The Carbon Trough?.