Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. The Register on why the ID card scheme is a complete shambles. Ports don't recognise it.
2. Capitalists@Work on Gordon Brown preparing himself for a soft landing.
3. Danny Finkelstein on whether TV debates matter.
4. Donal Blaney doles out some end of year gongs.
5. Libertyphile says British muslims are the most patriotic in Europe.
6. Graeme Archer treads where angels fear to - on climate change.
7. A Very Public Sociologist on how to build a blog audience.
8. James Cleverly writes a letter to his 16 year old self.
9. A Lanson Boy reports on the sad death of Anna Werrin, Charles Kennedy's former head of office.
10. Paul Waugh on the prospect of Mandy for Mayor.
11. Adam Boulton gives himself 6 out of 10 for his 2009 predictions.
12. Alastair Campbell has a few PR tips for Eurostar.


"Guppy" Honaker said...

The guy (James Cleverly) writing to his sixteen year old self - truly was clever! (Oh, the beauty of hindsight)
- David
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O'Neill said...

"Libertyphile says British muslims are the most patriotic in Europe"

I think actually he’s arguing the opposite, he says:

"It is abundantly clear to anyone who has their eyes open, reads the press or watches TV, that there are a lot of Muslims, a very large number, one in five, or one in four, or one in three, who live in Britain who do not wish to be British, except to the extent that it provides a safe place to live and has a good public health service, and who are doing all they can to recreate the societies of their forebears or homelands and propagate beliefs and practices alien to Britain."

Ironically having criticised the original report for its lack of proper sampling and data collection, he supplies no statistical evidence to back those (“one in five, or one in four, or one in three”) figures up.

I did want to post this observatiob on his own blog, but for whatever reason, he doesn't allow comments.