Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. James Macintyre takes a Brown-tastic retrospectivee view of 2010.
2. Tory Rascal publishes the final part of his interview with Nadine Dorries.
3. A Very Public Sociologist lists the Top 100 Tweeting Bloggers.
4. Fraser Nelson on what Peter Moore has missed about Britain.
5. Heresy's Corner finds Johann Hari's hero a little difficult to stomach.
6. Mr Eugenides announces the Scotblog awards.
7. Archbishop Cranmer offers some new year's predictions.
8. Will Straw goes all Mandy Rice Davis and predicts 2010 will be the Year of the Left Blogosphere.
9. Guido is seeking nominations for his 2009 Sh*t of the Year.
10. Dizzy says lets spend like it's 2017.
11. Harriet Harman is one of Michael White's 6 politicians of the decade. [laughs uncontrollably]
12. Daily Referendum has some new Conservative campaign poster suggestions.


cassandra said...

I wonder why 'EUREFERENDUM' is not on your list Iain?

Our Mr North is currently investigating the real true face of the man made global warming industry, it is a tale of greed,dishonesty,insider trading,back scratching,fraud,chisseling hypocrites.
The AGW/MMCC/AAM scam has attracted the worlds snake oil salesmen,fraudsters,scammers,
carpet baggers and it has created the perfect conditions for those elements to thrive as never before.
The MSM are doing their best to ignore the reality of course, the BBC with its gigantic news budget and huge staff are silent yet a tiny outfit lke EUREFERENDUM can dig out the ugly facts.
As the cold starts to bite and this winter turns really cold and vulnerable start dying unable to afford the bloated heating bills, as the rich prosper and the crooked get rich, as the lies and fraud is uncovered I wonder how long will it take before Cameron takes notice?
Capitalism is about creating wealth which makes the majority of ordinary people better off, what is happening now is a perversion of capitalism where the few parasites and crooks grow wealthy by stealing ever more of the ordinary masses small resources. How do you feel about that? The poisonous ideology that can encourage the crooked and dishonest to steal from the many to provide luxury and power for the few.
People are starting to die because of the greed and stupidity and dark ideology of the minority and the political classes are either blind or complicit.
What is the true cost of the progressive post democratic new world order?

Alan Douglas said...

DO read the comments on Michael Shite's post on Harriet Harm-men, they are hilarious. Also probably a record number of "removed by the author" notes on other comments. My goodness, could they have been worse than what is left up ?

Alan Douglas

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