Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Nile Gardiner lists his Top Ten Conservative movies of the last decade.
2. Nich Starling has a go at the Daily Mail over defending Labour and China.
3. Melanchthon gives 10 predictions for Britain in 2010. As does Tory Politico and the Kingdom of Wrong.
4. LibDem Voice on how Channel 4 can win the election debates.
5. Tory Rascal gets insomnia, and turns to Hansard for solace.
6. Another Green World on a poll which predicts a Green win in Brighton. Further analysis from PoliticalBetting.com.
7. Richard Willis on speed cameras. He wants Reading to look at whether it should follow Swindon's lead.
8. Sunny Hundal is right on class war. And everyone else is wrong, you see. He's always right. So he says.
9. Alastair Campbell says 'Here's to you Iris Robinson'.
10. Michael White says it is hypocritical to criticise China. Something he has in common with the Daily Mail, then.
11. Douglas Carswell asks: who elected Kier Starmer?
12. Guido accuses John Prescott of being an apologist for China.


Anonymous said...

The BBC news 'vox pops' of the Chinese public over the execution does at least go to show that the Chinese public can be as thick as anybody.

Ralph Hancock said...

Glad to see that, of the four automatically generated Google Ads on your main page, three are for bellydancing lessons. A most healthy and praiseworthy activity -- in contrast to politics.

raincoaster said...

Well, it's not the first time Prescott has been an apologist for a repressive regime.