Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jan Moir Has Been a Very Good Girl

Jan Moir has an interview in today's Daily Mail with, er, Father Christmas. The headline screams...

It's the interview they all wanted. But JAN MOIR (who's been a very good girl all year) has bagged the big one - and guess what.Mr Claus isn't quite as cuddly as you'd think.

Still, at least he isn't gay, eh? :)


Bill Kristol-Balls said...

I don't read the Mail so can someone who does tell me if Jan Moir has commented on the death of Brittany Murphy yet.

Surely a 32 year old actress passing away can't be NATURAL!

Unsworth said...

If she has been a very good girl then I'm not particularly interested.

Shamik Das said...

Was gonna make that point, but Simon beat me to it! According to Moirism, Brittany's death casts a shadow over marriage; can't be normal can it, 32-year-old married woman just passing away?!