Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Total Politics Interviews

Each month in Total Politics, I interview a leading political figure in an 'in conversation' format. A reader emailed me yesterday to ask if there was an archive of them anywhere. They are all on the Total Politics website, but I thought readers might be interested to have them all in one place here.

Lynton Crosby
Morgan Tsvangirai
Nigel Farage
Alex Salmond
Tony Benn
Hazel Blears
David Cameron
Ken Livingstone
Paddy Ashdown
Cherie Blair
Alan Duncan
Jacqui Smith
Ann Widdecombe
David Starkey
Michal Kaminski
Vince Cable
John Bercow

Next month it's Lord Pearson's turn, and over the first few months of 2010 I hope to catch up with Sir John Major, Peter Mandelson and Nick Clegg.

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Plato said...

Thanks for this Iain - know what I'll be doing now instead of enduring yet another 100 XYZ of the Year :D

Merry Christmas - hope Santa is kind to you all.