Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Mark Reckons it costs a lot to be a parliamentary candidate. And he's right.
2. David Breaker thinks that too few Twitterers are making the Tories look like twats.
3. Douglas Carswell on the arrest warrant for Tzipi Livni.
4. Iain Martin thinks the Tories need an attack dog.
5. Guido Fawkes on the horrifying prospect of double digit inflation.
6. Tory Bear reports from CCHQ. Yes, you read that right.
7. Paul Waugh reports on the slaughtering of Andrew Slaughter MP.
8. Tom Harris is less than impressed by Simon Cowell.
9. The Staggers reports from the Demos internet elections debate.
10. Richard Spring on choosing his successor.
11. Peter Hoskin warns the Tories not to go soft on debt.
12. Gerald Warner says the MSM are committing suicide by ignoring Climategate.


cassandra said...

David Cameron has stated that global warming policy is driven by him alone, he also stated that only a very small number of the party are sceptical.
So now we know who is the primary driver of the Tories ridiculous and damaging environmental policies, perhaps thats why eco fanatic Goldsmith is keen to buy a seat?
Its out in the open now, Dave feels strong enough to insult and alienate the large number of sceptics in the party, is he inviting them to make trouble and defect?
Perhaps Dave is confusing leadership with autocratic bullying? If this doesnt confirm to Tory sceptics/dissidents/heretics that there is no place in the new modern blulabour party I do not know what will.
It looks like Dave is not a Tory after all?

ItsFairComment said...

Climategate is being ignored by the MSM at their peril,the internet is the new media and does not bow to any one political orthodoxy. It's now out the bag, and what is really at stake is the billions of dollars/pounds that are being funneled away from such things as tackling poverty, and instead goes into the pockets of those who seek to continue the warmist/doomsayers gravy train.

javelin said...

The climategate scandal has only just started. I've read the emails and code and I'm in absolutely mo doubt the scientists have been sucked into group-think. This is the credit crisis all over again.

It's not banks and regulators ignoring the risks of cheap credit now, it's politicians ignoring the system manipulation if data and peer reviews.

If I were a politician I would not mention climate.

I would mention pollution, oil supply, land fills recycling etc. Each as it's own issue.

I think the lesson here is that the Internet will override the MSM. The Internet is a giant JURY. The Internet will not stop untill the foolish politicians are discredited. Stand back your reputations are about to blow.