Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Politician of the Year (& More)

Here are some more of the 'awards' voted by 2,200 of my blogreaders over Christmas.

Politician of 2009

1. Dan Hannan
2. David Cameron
3. Peter Mandelson
4. Boris Johnson
5. Vince Cable

Minister of the Year

1. Peter Mandelson
2. Andrew Adonis
3. Alistair Darling

Shadow Minister of the Year

1. William Hague
2. Michael Gove
3. Philip Hammond

Junior Shadow Minister of the Year

1. Damian Green
2. Ed Vaizey
3. Justine Greeing

Worst Minister of the Year

1. Ed Balls
2. Bob Ainsworth
3. Harriet Harman


Anonymous said...

How did Bob Ainsworth only come second worst!?

Mark M said...

Many congratulations to Ed Balls on victory in a very tough category. They were all deserving but there can only be one winner, and Ed has proved he has what it takes to take the award.

Disco Biscuit said...

Next: "Iain Dale's Top 10 Lists of 2009" :)

Anonymous said...

Someone else who thinks the decade ends this month and not on 31 December 2011, it seems.

Wasn't he the education minister who saw no need for the state to support the teaching of history?

Strathturret said...

If I stopped 100 punters in Montrose High St, I bet nobody will have heard of Hannan. There are not many Telegraph readers here. So how can somebody with such a low profile in the real world instead of the 'anti EU tent' be considered a top politician. Hannan is in Brussels because he's not considered up to much surely?

Mark M said...

Anon @6:39

If anything, it would technically end on 31st December 2010. Sadly we've long moved past the technical correct position. You're just going to have to accept these 'end of decade' lists coming out a year early. It all comes down to 2000 being celebrated as the start of the millenium, rather than the end of the previous one.

Bruce Everiss said...

There is a lot more to Ed than meets the eye. Here are a couple of "exclusive" interviews that have gone under the radar of the MSP.

On art: