Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It Shouldn't Happen to a Press Officer: No 94

From the blog of Matt Withers of Wales on Sunday...

I phoned Conservative Central Office this morning to seek a reaction to this interview, in today's Daily Mirror, in which Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies warns the BBC will be dismantled by the party if they get into power next year.

They wouldn't comment on it, I was told, because "Mr Davies is a backbench MP and, as such, his opinion isn't necessarily party policy".

Hmm. You are aware Russell T Davies is the writer behind Doctor Who, and not actually one of your MPs?


"Give me your e-mail address and I'll get back to you."


Hilarious. Unless you are David T C Davies, I suppose. But I suspect even he will see the funny side.


Sic Semper Tyrannis said...

Dismantle the BBC? We can only hope!

Brian said...

Makes a change for David Davies from being mistaken for David Davis.

Gordon Brown said...

Davies seems to be a brilliant surname to have. You can say absolutely anything you want and if anyone challenges you later, you can just deny it and say "you must have read a different Mr Davies' remarks, you're mistaken"

Demetrius said...

David TC Davies? Who?

Frugal Dougal said...

BBC? Exterminate...

Anonymous said...

The Tories could dismantle the BBC, but they could also work to turn it into their own ministry of propaganda instead. I suspect the latter, but it would be nice to be proved wrong.

Anonymous said...

The Tories are already on record as wanting to see a proliferation of local Tv stations such as we have in Canada. The BBC could ideally be broken up to form the basis for this for it has no future vs SKY and other digital channels unless it changes its ways.

Anonymous said...

I'm immersed in cooking & wrapping, no time for politics just now.

However, I would like to say your blog is an essential read, I will resume after the festivities, and wish you a very Happy Christmas :)

Anonymous said...

Russell T Davies is just your typical BBC lefty - pushing Dr Who to promote his own agenda. Taken the public in of course. Lets hope the new producer is different.

The BBC is destroying local news outlets.

What should be dismantled is the DG's salary.

Anonymous said...

I had a similar problem with LG.

I emailed them to ask about getting hold of one of their laptops, the P300 - nice bit of kit, but impossible to find.

They emailed me back and in all seriousness wrote; "we're LG, not Samsung."

You see, Samsung have a phone also called the P300.

Anonymous said...

I think our Dr.Who writer doesn't believe in freedom.

He believes in using the power of the State to force people to pay for something they don't want.

Sadly, a considerable number of otherwise intelligent, decent people agree with him.

I suspect they don't really appreciate what their choice really means, perhaps because no one is forcing them to pay for something they don't want - or at least, not in a blatant and obvious way that they'd object to.

There was, apparently, a BBC internal survey on how many would pay for the BBC if they had the choice; answer was 42%.

So 58% of the people - millions upon millions of people - paying the BBC license fee are blackmailed into doing so, by the State.

Man in a Shed said...

Whilst some of new series of Dr Who has been great entertainment the left wing ideology and pro-Labour bias has been very evident throughout the last few series.

In many ways Dr Who with Russell Davis makes the point of the institutional left wing biased on the BBC very clear.

Any Conservative Govt serious about holding onto power and rescuing society from the selfish evil of socialism is going to have to dismantle the BBC.

cassandra said...

Dismantle the BBC? How would the new world order/common purpose/quango shadow state peddle and pimp its narrative if its main propaganda outlet was closed down?

The BBC is an essential mechanism for the dissemination and propagation of lies,misinformation,truth manipulation,smears and black propaganda.
The BBC is the mouthpiece that spreads its poisonous filth into every home and without this platform the evil axis would wither and die.
Ooooh no dear friends, the parasitical BBC aint gonna be killed by honest Dave and his crew because dave and his new social democrat team are part of the axis.
The BBC is the voice of the new post democratic age, a place of ugliness and cruelty and despotism that ordinary people could not begin to imagine, does anyone still wonder why the BBC have such a love of leftist despotic regimes? Thats the fate that awaits us if we choose to elect any of the three puppets.
The BBC have big plans and someone like Dave is hardly going to stand in their way.


Anonymous said...

I hate waste as much as the rest of you, and the Beeb has some serious cuts to make. But if Russell T is right, then the Tories have some policy rewriting to do.

I lived in the US for over 8 years. Trust me, the BBC is brilliant.

Peter2010 said...

This story amazes me. A reporter rings Tory central office & the Tory dhas not heard of Russell T Davies but he thinks he is talking about a tory back bencher, & this is the party that want to come back into Government. They must be stopped. All they want to do is make them & their friends richer & privatise everything

Anonymous said...

How is it that most commenters think this is a story about the BBC and not about idiocy in the Conservative Central Office?

Personally, I think a few more writers (especially writers of loopy stuff like Dr. Who) would make politics MUCH more interesting.

Martin S said...

Poor Russell T. Davies. By the way, has anyone noticed that he should be supporting the Green Party? Seeing as he is recycling whole plot segments from some of his earlier Doctor Who episodes? Idiot.

Martin S said...

M makes a very interesting point. Actually, that's pretty much the situation we had until fairly recently. There were many regional variations on BBC as well as ITV. Then it was all allowed to go wrong.

Carl Eve said...

Good response from R Blake.

Sadly, only once it's gone and we have Sky/Fox News as our only source of twaddle will the Tories suddenly go "ooh, wasn't the BBC lovely... shame the lefties killed it..."