Monday, December 14, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. James Delingpole asks if the head of the IPCC has a conflict of interest.
2. Tory Rascal has the first part of a three part interview with Tom Harris.
3. Hopi Sen thinks I am dumber than the Daily Mail. (Actually, it was the Mail on Sunday, but Hopi doesn't like facts to get in the way of a good insult).
4. Mark Pack has a rant against Baroness Scotland.
5. Tory Politico says it is time for the Tories to go on the tax avoidance attack.
6. Peter Hoskin says that only Ireland and Iceland have larger debts than the UK.
7. Iain Martin wishes the BA unions the very happy Christmas he's now not going to have.
8. FT Westminster Blog on how Number Ten tried to poach DJ Collins from Google.
9. Shane Greer launches his Kerry McCarthy caption competition.
10. Dave's Part on the Kashke libel trial.
11. Guido on how to erae the Brown/Balls dividing line on VAT.
12. Kerry McCarthy's blog is called Shot by Both Sides. In THIS blogpost she shoots herself in the foot. What's that about holes and digging?


AD627 said...

"Peter Hoskin says that only Ireland and Iceland have larger debts than the UK."

Er - no he doesn't: run your eye down the right hand side of his table.

His point is that our debt has risen much faster than in other countries. However, because of the golden economic inheritance, Labour have not YET delivered us to the creditors....

Unknown said...

Is the MSP starting to catch up...

javelin said...

Interesting article by James Delingpole in the Telegraph - particularly for Labour MPs.

It appears that Dr Pachauri (who sits on the UN cimate panel) set up the The Energy And Resources Institute (recently renamed Tata Energy Research Institute) - funded by the huge Indian company Tata.

Interestingly Tata recently shutdown Corus steelworks in Yorkshire making Tata £1.2 billion from “carbon credits”.

Tata - whose boss has sucked up to Gordon Brown. You would for £1.2 billion wouldn't you?

It appears where the Indian industrial giant profits, British jobs are lost. But not because of competitive losses - but because of fraudent adjustments to data by scientists.

So are the oil companies really funding climate change skeptics ? - when is appears the steel companies are fundng alarmists - and JUST ONE INIDIAN company has gained £1.2 billion from their funding. Fraud? fraud? fraud?

Gordon Brown has been stupid enough to lose 1000s of jobs, not investigate the science and give £1.2 billion away to pay for it.

What an imprudent fool!!

Newmania said...

Hopi has been stripped cudgelled tarred and feathered on his blog on that post Iain

Dave H said...

Poor old Kerrychen. What a prime example of foot-stamping. It went on for ages, even spilling over into the comments.

Still, I don’t think she’s fundamentally evil, just a bit silly. Perhaps she just went into despair after seeing the latest pictures of Gordon of Kabul, this time wearing body armour, so as not to appear out of place again in his dark suit, sadly only managing to look like the lowest budget Dr Who monster ever.

norfolkandchance said...

I cannot see anything remotely embarrassing about that post by Kerry. On the other hand I have been reading her blog a long time now and it is fairly clear she has become a lot more careful about what she writes since she became a whip.