Sunday, December 27, 2009

Devolved Politicians of the Year

Welsh Politician of the Year

1. Rhodri Morgan
2. Nick Bourne
3. Adam Price
Over the last four days you have been voting in my annual end of year awards poll. Over the next few days I'll be publishing the results.

Scottish Politician of the Year

1. Alex Salmond
2. Annabelle Goldie
3. Nicola Sturgeon

Northern Ireland Politicians of the Year

1. Ian Paisley
2. Martin McGuinness
3. Sir Reg Empey

*As voted for by 2,200 readers of Iain Dale's Diary


subrosa said...

The Scottish vote is a fix Iain, I tell you it's a fix. :) Annabelle Goldie hasn't performed well this year.

Now if your tory pals had voted for wee Derek Brownlee I could understand because he's definitely 'one to watch'.

Dewi Harries said...

Ian Paisley???

Dewi Harries said...

How on ggod's earth did Ian Paisley win?

Houdini said...

Rhodri Morgan? Generally detested and reviled as an idiot in Wales.

Just goes to show that people vote for probably the only name they know instead of a person of note.

Same for Macguiness and Paiseley, though I would vite for Paiseley over the IRA scumbag anyday.

voiceofourown said...

Have to agree with subrosa - Goldie has not been a stand-out this year.
I'd also say that Sturgeon, whom I did harbour reservations about, has been a revelation. She has built a reputation as a very safe pair of hands and, if she could lighten up a bit, (I suggest a wave in her hair), she could be a real star.

Lambeg Drum said...



Makes a slight mockery of the awards to be honest.

Unknown said...

This gets my vote for most exciting poll of the year! But why stop here? Why not 'Devolved politicians of the month'?

Only joking! Happy new year Iain.

Belfast Gonzo said...

That's exactly what I was wondering Dewi. Paisley quit in May 2008 IIRC, and has barely spoken since.

Weird vote, or out-of-touch readers...?!

Dyfed said...

Adam Price is an MP - not an AM.

Strathturret said...

Agree with Subrosa, Aunty Annabel is about of her shelf life I would say. A Scottish 1,2, 3 without Kenny MacAskill is somewhat surprising, ditto John Swinney.

barry monk said...

Who cares?

Unknown said...

Reg Empey came third??- What has been congratulated on taking the Ulster Unionist party to their lowest share of the vote and number of seats ever.

McGuiness in all fairness has had a good year.. he has shown that he wants to moves issues on, were as Peter Robinson has looked stubborn and afraid of the TUV.

Ian Paisley- I would agree, should not have been on the list but i would imagine that Iain probably just couldnt think of any names.

Anonymous said...

Paisley - retired
McGuinness - gunman
Reg Empty - FFS

Is it any wonder Ulster is a shambles?