Monday, December 28, 2009

Gaffe, Hate Figure and Moment of 2009

Here are some more of the 'awards' voted by 2,200 of my blogreaders over Christmas.

Political Gaffe of the Year

1. Gordon Brown saying "I saved the world".
2. Jacqui Smith's expenses
3. Gordon Brown gurning on YouTube

Political Hate Figure of 2009

1. Gordon Brown
2. Ed Balls
3. Nick Griffin

Political Moment of the Year

1. Dan Hann's speech attacking Gordon Brown
2. Joanna Lumley ripping into Phil Woolas
3. Day One of th Telegraph's coverage of the expenses scandal


Anonymous said...

I think Browns You Tube moment should be number one.

It's the moment when even I (as opposed to the serial fruit cakes to conspire with Guido) began to suspect that the man is ever so slightly unhinged.

It was also, as ever with Brown, a total policy shambles.

PS - for believers in the Jonah Effect, the sad death of Labour MP David Taylor was preceded by a visit by Brown to his constituency.

Bird said...

Slimiest Politician of the Year?

Chris Hughn
Keith Vaz
Peter Hain

Not much between them.