Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Paul Waugh on a quick criticism of the Met Commissioner.
2. Tory Rascal has the second part of his interview with Tom Harris.
3. Lazy Hyena tries to get to the bottom of the mysterious tweet from Suzanne Moore to Guido.
4. David Osler on a strategic choice facing Labour.
5. Party Lines asks if David Cameron is shifting his message on climate change.
6. Nick Assinder on a turkey of a PMQs.
7. Robin Shepard takes Michael White to task for a disgraceful remark about Israel.
8. Party Lines interviews Chris Mounsey, the leader of the Libertarian Party.
9. Michael White recounts his experience of chairing a Tory open primary.
10. Shane Greer deals with the 'crazies'.
11. Lobbydog on Harriett's 'garble'.
12. Stuart Sharpe takes the BBC to task over its question on executing homosexuals.

More later...


Stepney said...

Thought you'd appreciate this headline from the Gloucester Echo this morning:

"County braces itself for snow flurries"

We're tough down here. Them damn flurries don't scare us none.

ItsFairComment said...

Snow...shock must be down to global warming,just like it was with the deep snows of the 1950's....
Carbon Tax = 'the new Window tax'