Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Interviewing Lord Pearson

Tomorrow morning I am interviewing Lord Pearson of Rannoch, the new leader of UKIP. If you have any questions you think I should ask him, please leave suggestions in the comments.


Dungeekin said...

I'd like to know if he's planning to change UKIP's formation in the run-up to the General Election.

Is he going to try something radical, or just stick with 4-4-2?


Lambeg Drum said...

You claim to be "the United Kingdom" Independence Party yet you are not standing candidates in Northern Ireland.

What's that all about then?

Anonymous said...

Ask him why is he such a hypocritical bastard - claiming thousands in bogus expenses and pursuing a policy which will if it were to succeed would cement another labour victory and ever closer union with the EU.

Why does he rely on tory voters like me to save him from his own crass pomposity.

Why does he associate with a load of fruit cakes and loony tunes? Does he like the sound of his own voice?

Where do you want me to stop Mr Dale? Basically rather than ask questions I want you to position him very carefully in the door of your office and kick him very firmly in the bollocks.

True Belle said...

Ask him if he has a riding crop , or a rhino tail flywhisk!

Captain Ranty said...

Please ask him to clear up the "party disbanding" story.

No pressure, but tell him also that the future of our nation depends on his party's success. We have to run away, screaming, from that EU monster, it is a greedy bastard and we cannot, should not, fill its belly.

LibLabCon = more of the same, and we deserve better. Much better.


Anonymous said...

Nigel Farage has done extremely well in his quest to legitimize UKIP. Will Lord Pearson go the next mile and make the party more than a single-issue act?

In other words, does he have ambitions for UKIP beyond sovereignty campaigns in parliament? There are two Houses and one Street inside Britain that he could have his eyes on, after all.

_ said...
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Tapestry said...

If John Bercow quits Buckingham before the election is called, would Lord Pearson consider standing down 100 UKIP PPCs out of Conservative key marginal seats, if David Cameron were to leave Buckingham vacant for Farage?

Could there be a turf agreement made along these lines for future elections?

UKIP would very likely get one or two to the Commons, and UKIP would not be blocking out eurosceptics from other parties.

True Belle said...

My apologies for being rather rude about Lord Pearson, I am sure he is very nice too, very old school Tory I imagine. GOOD.

Anonymous said...

R Blake, you only have to look at UKIP's policies on its website to see that it is not a single-issue party.

You can't expecte to be spoonfed this information if the mainstream media barely give UKIP airtime.