Thursday, December 17, 2009

It Shouldn't Happen to a Politician: Part 94

Gordon leads Al into a box cupboard... A metaphor for the whole summit, perhaps?


Anonymous said...

Hillary is to agree to pay into a global fund of $100 billion (£60bn) per year by 2020 to help the “most vulnerable” adapt to floods and droughts.

To be honest I was about to get angry about this ... but £60 billion is just our interest payments on Gordons Debt.

If this is all we need to do to 'solve' global warming then - well easy peasy. Whats the problem.

Penfold said...

A metaphor for the state this country is in

Anonymous said...

So Gordon came out of the closet?

Dave H said...

Hilarious, all the more so because he was trying so hard to look self-assured and statesmanlike. What a plonker.

"It shouldn't happen to a nation, Part 94: Gordon Brown PM"

Blaad said...

They were in there ages. What were they doing?

And why was Gordon laughing but Al Gore was serious as hell. He didn't see the funny side.

You can almost imagine him saying "Stupid Limey twat"

Mark M said...

Words can't express how funny this is. Thanks to the joys of modern communications though, 8 letters can sum this up


JohnRS said...

What WERE thay doing...they both have their jackets buttoned up when they go in, but undone when they come out.

Anonymous said...

Ready to be scared with something beyond unnatural ? .....

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Anonymous said...

JohnR may be the same commentator who pointed this out to Guido - well it made me laugh anyway, and when you laugh at your leaders what hope is there.

BTW - yesterday was the anniversary of the day they started laughing at Ceausescu and look what happened to him.

cassandra said...

Meanwhile as the pathetic Copenhagen bonfire of the vanities continues like some circus freak show, the new media is reporting ever more stories of fraud,self enrichment,smears,dirty tricks, manipulation and fakery.
Dr Pachauri the self styled scientist head of the IPCC, erstwhile railway engineer and bought off stooge of TATA industries and man with many job titles is busy stuffing his pockets and those of his paymasters with payoff money galore, more conflicts of interest than Browns front bench.
The met office Hadley centre has been cooking the books by manipulating the Russian temperature data to make a warming trend possible in its now worthless HADCRUT temperature series which of course is one of the major lines of evidence of for AAM, how does Cameron feel now about his blind and fanatical support for the "settled science" I wonder? Those dreams of windmills and electric cars are looking a little stupid right now.
So now we have the three historical temperature reconstructions looking very suspect with more fraud and manipulation surfacing daily and Cameron has blindly followed the fabricated consensus with the loyalty of a cultist.
I wonder if Cameron will be so keen to smack down the few brave sceptics in the Tory front bench now? The question is when are the sceptics going to confront Cameron and give him the good news that the carbon trading scam so beloved of the super rich elites is based on a bought and paid for fabricated consensus, all the rubbish windmills,snake oil prophets,bought off pseudo scientists and carbon credits carpet baggers in the world a commons majority will not make.

Just as Cameron thinks he can ditch his grassroots and still claim victory the AAM scam comes crashing down, he supported the fraudulent AAM narrative, he nailed his colours to a corpse there didnt he?

Anonymous said...

OT, but I thought this was interesting, the WSJ reports that insurgents are apparently routinely intercepting video feeds from USAF drones in Afghanistan and elsewhere - apparently someone couldn't be bothered to encrypt them.

The RAF operates the same models, and has recently spent >$100m on buying more MQ-9 Reapers, which have this vulnerability.

Tapestry said...

Al and Gore in a broom cupboard. Pepper spray and batons and police dogs keeping delegates at bay - serious violence not reported on MSM - except on an audio report in Guardian.

Print version carries only this -

The day saw thousands of protesters take to the streets to demand a strong deal by Friday but, while they clashed with police, they failed in their objective to enter the conference centre.

Many of these had correct paperwork but the conference decided last minute to exclude them.


Cynic said...

That word you are looking for is 'Twat' ...with a capital T

Anonymous said...

My children's school is closed because of the Global Warming - kids are out throwing global warming balls and building a global warming man.