Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gordon Brown's Launches Campaign of Class & Fear

What Paul Waugh said.


Tapestry said...

Pot kettle black.

He is what he accuses - to the letter.


binqu said...

Labour's post-war leadership has been far more toff than that of the Conservatives. There have been 9 elected Prime Ministers since 1945, of whom three were Labour and six Conservative.

Labour's elected PMs:
Only Wilson was educated at grammar school, while Attlee and Blair were both from elite public schools, the latter at the preposterously expensive Fettes College. Labour toff rate: a triumphalist 66.6%

Conservative elected PMs:
Churchill, Eden and MacMillan were public school, while Heath, Thatcher and Major were all grammar. Conservative toff rate: a mere 50%

Fabian Hypocrisy: Destroying British Jobs since 1924

Anonymous said...

Is it true that the economy figures out today have been massaged again?

Someone told me of the reduction in GDP that has been moved from Q3 back into Q2 without any announcement?

This would make the fall in GDP in Q2 deeper

Will the economics statistics be able to be massaged again to move falls in GDP from Q4 back into Q3?

Mike Wood said...


It really is time for change.

Paul Halsall said...


I don't think Fettes was that good!

Meanwhile, I expect some attacks from Iain over the truly dismal economic news today.

Class, and what I believe to be the the Tory will to promote the interests of the rich, is an issue.

But right now, I wonder.

Meanwhile, Michael Gove, despite his (over?) posh accent performatively contradicts how people like me think. Why don't the Tories make more of this?

Mirtha Tidville said...

How about this for an opposition slogan then...

``Socialists always run out of other peoples money``


Brown and his sound bite acolytes are nothing more than hypocrites.

They want to paint the Tories as the party of 'privilege' and 'money'.

OK then. Perhaps they should look at their own ranks of head-nodding sound bites before accusing the Tories of being the party of the 'privileged'.

There are many people in the Labour party who enjoyed a private education, who are well off to extremely well off, who send their children to private schools etc.

This attempt by Brown to portray the Tories in terms of 'an upstairs downstairs' world is an insult to the voters.

Voters of all political choice aspire to improve their lot.

This is typical of the spiteful gutter politics we have seen proliferate under the influence of Campbell and Mandelson.

These guys should grow up and concentrate on the real issues.

Let's face it, Labour have loved surrounding themselves with the rich and famous. It's more than a bit f*****g rich to now claim that they are the party of the downtrodden masses.

I don't recall Mr Brown holidaying in Blackpool when he was the Chancellor. Every summer he went to the uber sophisticated east coast of New England
to rub shoulders with the bien pensant rich and famous of the Democrats.

The mess the country is in is a direct result of the catastrophic incompetence of Blair n' Brown. Do we ever hear Brown admit he inherited a growing economy from Ken Clark? Of course not.

He is a mean spirited man who has wrecked the economy. Talk of 'Class' only reduces his stock further, if that is possible.

Anonymous said...

When Gordon Brown attacks the policies of the opposition, he's accused of "class war" etc.
What does that tell you? It tells me that the Conservatives are inadvertently letting it slip just who benefit from their policies.