Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Saturday

1. Stephen Glenn reviews the BBC Sports Personality of the Year shortlist.
2. Toby Harris on why London LibDem MPs are unsettled by Nick Clegg.
3. ConHome reveals the new Tory candidate for Cambridge.
4. David Cameron on the Blue Blog says Labour has lost the right to govern.
5. Jeremy Rowe is confused by Esther Rantzen.
6. Pete Hoskin asks if Mandelson has given up on Brown.
7. PoliticalBetting thinks the Tories should be gunning for Vince.
8. Mark Pack on why there won't be an early election.
9. Daily Referendum on David Bellamy and climate change.
10. Burning our Money on Labour's debt explosion.
11. Cranmer on being a religious oddity.
12. Dizzy on Blair and the bleeding obvious.


ItsFairComment said...

Have you missed one out:
Big Carbon - "Thus, at the end of the day, Redcar will lose its biggest employer and one of the largest manufacturing plants left in Britain. Tata, having gained up to £1.2 billion from "carbon credits", will get its new steel plants – while the net amount of CO2 emitted worldwide will not have been reduced a jot. ....Forget Big Oil: the new world power is Big Carbon.Truly it has been a miracle of our time that they have managed to transform carbon dioxide, a gas upon which all life on earth depends, into a "pollutant", worth more than diamonds, let alone oil. And many of those now gathered in Copenhagen are making a great deal of money out of it." (Telegraph)

BrianSJ said...

David Bellamy not Bekkamy.

Buy the book. Short, clear, up to date, good graphics and good science.