Saturday, December 19, 2009

Blunderful, Blunderful Copenhagen

No matter what gloss is put on it, there can be little doubt that the Copenhagen Summit has failed. It was supposed to produce a legally binding treaty. Instead it has produced an 'accord'. The whole thing cost £130 million to put on and was attended by 15,000 people. Planting £130 million of trees would have been a better use of the money.

I never thought it would end in anything else but abject failure. It was never going to be possible for a committee of 15,000 to come up with anything other than a giant piece of fudge. If it had been a summmit of 192 presidents and prime ministers, each with two advisers, it would have been difficult enough. But with 15,000 people? Never.

The main outcome of the summit is the guarantee that they will now become regular events. As Iain Murray writes: "The future of climate change summits is assured".


Obnoxio The Clown said...

50,000 people, Iain, not 15,000. The 15,000 is what the facility was designed to accommodate, not how many people pitched up!

neil craig said...

Good for China. They didn't flinch & have saved us all from almost all of this eco-fascist parasitism (well except the bits we Europeans have insisted on saddling ourselves with). Continued world growth is assured even if our government continues to promote recession.

This may be the moment when China, supported by India & Brazil, has become the world's dominant power - not because they ahve done so well but because we have done so badly.

Tapestry said...

Your assessment is other than that of Lord Monckton. The agreement sets up the bureaucratic infrastructure of a world government, with powers to tax international financial transactions, with the proceeds payable direct to the World Bank.

The whole climate thing was merely a front, a way to dress up the ongoing setting up of world government structures.

It was irrelevant, not the primary objective at all which is why it is so easily dropped.

They have the powers that they need agreed. Done and dusted. They do it so cleverly that no one seems to realise what is happening.

Twig said...

If I buy some trees to plant in my garden will I need to pay VAT on them?

Unknown said...

neil craig said...

"Good for China. They didn't flinch & have saved us all from almost all of this eco-fascist parasitism (well except the bits we Europeans have insisted on saddling ourselves with)."

And how the Chinese must be laughing at us as they continue to take our trade away from us.

Anonymous said...

if you did not have climate change summits where would the loony lefties go to protest?

Where is the infrastructure for a world govt. Where is the international inland revenue?

he loony tunes certainly have ulterior motives - but $100 billion a year by 2020 is just what the cost of servicing our national debt will be in a couple of years. You will not run much of a world govt on that. And by 2020 we will probably have lower temperatures as well.

Anonymous said...

Never in the field of human jaw jaw has so little been achieved by so many! (with apologies to the late Winston Churchill).

Cynic said...

Gordon has promised to give more of our childrens' money to support despots in Asia and Africa. And Milliband says this is progress

Anonymous said...

Thank you China.

We, the oppressed and over taxed Western masses have been given at least a temporary reprieve from the coercion and looting practiced upon us by our socialist masters.

China - the last remaining bastion of freedom and liberty (sort of).

Ray said...

Can anyone be even a little bit surprised that the outcome is what it is ? Any credibility it had went out of the window when Mugabe turned up, glad of the chance no doubt to get a a couple more suitcases of money into one of his many accounts. But not for a moment to be contributing to saving his country, and the Sudan who recently did a "gordon" on their own country and bankrupted it, now require us to give them a fresh bag of money to use to kill their own people and their neighbours

Gerry57 said...

tapestry is spot on. Copenhagen was a huge success for providing the framework for Global Government using the 'smokescreen' of Global Warming. Follow the money :- the £7.5 billion that we are donating will not go to the poorer countries but straight into the IMF/World bank to finance the bureaucrats.

Chris M said...

Copenhagen has failed. The UN has failed to address the most important crisis in human history. This is now the time for sanctions, boycotts and embargoes. A new alliance is needed. An alliance of hope and peace and justice must be built to oppose the axis of pollution, extinction and self destruction.

Ray said...

The only problem with your comment, is, although you are right, we are desperately short of superheros, and Thunderbirds have retired. And although we have a plethora of gods and other deities, not one of them has been seen to be of any practical use, so how are we to raise this alliance in the time required. That is assuming this new alliance can agree what shape table and where this table will be.

Bird said...

Brown's gone quiet.
He's offered billions of our money to bribe developing nations into signing a "deal".
It didn't work and now he needs to find another route to to be recognised as a great statesman and the saviour of the world.

cassandra said...

God save us from the self righteous and the bigoted fools so certain of the rightness of their cause, the holier than thou hypocrites and the bully with a sense of moral superiority.
The parasitical bores who seek a free ride while pontificating on the weaknesses of those who do the carrying, who will free us of this dead weight dragging anchor?
The arrogance of the cretin so certain of themselves and so certain of others failings yet so blind to their own, how long shall we suffer these fools?
The slimy lies of the snake oil salesmen so pleased to win through lies and base deceit, so keen to stamp on others as though the pain and suffering of others were merely a game.
Who will rid of us those who would bleed us dry while smirking at our struggles?

We are in the terrible grip of the tyranny of the bigoted and loud minority, those who would seek to rule over us seem to hate and despise us,what we stand for, our shared values and our love of our national home, they seek to destroy us and our tolerance is being tested as never before.
Those people do not and never have represented us, they represent themselves and they cannot hide that fact no matter how hard they try.

We have not spoken yet, when we do the world will shudder at our cries of vengeance.

ItsFairComment said...

The whole purpose of the Copenhagen summit was to prolong the colossal gravy train that is the global warming/carbon trading enterprise. Historians will, in the decades to come, wonder how we ever fell for this 'fresh air tax'. Really. The similarities with the 'Window Tax of 1698 (repealed 1851, note) are striking. As the earths temps fall after 2012 whats the odds of the said enterprise claiming not only the credit for what is a natural cycle,but yet more tax to feed the gravy train of the few once more.