Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I don't normally highlight individual blogposts nowadays, but THIS ONE merits it. If you cannot abide the oleaginous wannabe, Sunny Hundal, you'll love it. Devil's Kitchen rips him and and his indentity-obsessed politics apart. Deliciously. And comprehensively. And without too much bad language.


Jimmy said...

I'm struggling to work out what part of this impressed you. Was it the bit where he compares being an old etonian to being from an ethnic minority?

Unsworth said...

@ Jimmy



Sigh said...

What a sad sad pathetic person is our dear sunny.

I think he should go for a lie down and wake up in 2010, quit blogging then run away with habitat for humanity.

That way we will never see him again.

Anonymous said...

Not only is Gordon Brown out of touch with the electorate, as he tries to stir up a class war, he's even out of touch with his own cabinet

Is that the sound of knives being sharpened that we can hear?

JuliaM said...

"I'm struggling to work out..."

Never mind! Chin up! You'll get there in the end...

Rex said...

I do think that a serious point emerges from this.
Surely you wouldn't mock a person from humble origins then conversely why mock a person from a privileged background. Neither is responsible for his parents. The same goes from racial standpoint which, I believe is the point that DK was making.

Surely the word "racist" should also be used when referring any status at birth?

Gordon Brown you are being racist!

Unknown said...

I had one visit to Unsunny's site.

That was enough.

I think I visited DK's site once which also was about enough.

Trying to make a deadly dull post interesting by inserting a load of swear-words just doesn't work. In fact, it's worse than 'doesn't work', it's tedious in the extreme.

Jimmy said...

It seems to be a variant on the old "if you can have a society for black coppers why can't we have one for whites?" chestnut. It seems that no matter how hard the tories try to reinvent themselves they will never ever get this.

David Pemberton said...

Sunny Hundal is a cretinous fuckwit.

I am amazed he runs a website called "Liberal Conspiracy", as I have yet to find a single liberal viewpoint he holds?

The fact he also describes his website as being for "the left wing" just compounds the fact that he doesn't have a clue what the term "liberal" actually means, along with it's roots in right wing philosophy.

His whole series of blogposts on the topic of "class warfare" show him to be a bigot. Something he opposed, I thought. Although perhaps bigotry is ok by him as long as he's the bigot?

Liberal Conspiracy is a Labour Party website, which I notice has now disappeared from your blogroll. Nice work :)

john miller said...

Well, Jimmy, I'm struggling with the whole concept of Labour being able to mount a class war.

Ed Balls and Gordon Brown obviously enjoyed the "playing fields of Eton" bit, which has triggered this strategy.

So it seems that where you went to school is the definition of a toff.

But the architect of this strategy went to Nottingham High School. Fees £3491 per term. Charter from Henry VIII. They use the suffix ON after their name, again a privilige granted by King Henry. (Oh, and Geoff Hoon went there as well).

Not exactly Darrick Wood Comprehensive, is it?

Not many Labour voters (as opposed to Labour politicians!) can afford over 10 grand a year in school fees (over half the net annual income for someone on the average wage) so Balls' family are rich in most peoples' terms.

So, yes, I am struggling to comprehend how a rich public schoolboy can declare class war on another rich public schoolboy and expect that to be a vote winner with anyone who has half a brain.

Actually, I think the penny may have just dropped...

Silly me.