Sunday, December 27, 2009

Political Media Awards

Political Commentator of the Year

1. Fraser Nelson
2. Matthew Parris
3. Quentin Letts

Broadcast Journalist of the Year

1. Andrew Neil
2. Adam Boulton
3. Nick Robinson

Print Report of the Year

1. Paul Waugh
2. Andrew Gilligan
3. Andrew Pierce

Political TV Programme of the Year

1. Question Times
2. This Week
3. Newsnight

Political Radio Programme of the Year

1. Today
2. Any Questions
3. Week in Westminster


Paul Halsall said...

So not one single voice from the left?


Bird said...

PM with Eddie Mair beats Today any day.

Tapestry said...

is there any truth in the rumours of moves in Labour to replace Brown?

Twig said...

I would like to call for a steward's enquiry on this result.

Surely the Today program comes under the "Propaganda and Misinformation" section alongside the 5 Live and The Daily Mirror?

Plato said...

And Andrew Neil features in two categories - great to see that his talents are being recognised.

I voted for him :D

Briantheship said...

As it gets, or all we deserve?

thehoatzin said...

That's just tragic

None of them have any credibility left as investigative programmes/journalists/reporters etc

and you wonder why people are turned off politics? It's one little happy club, all scratching each others' back.

Anonymous said...

How much would it cost to bribe you to never use the word "Commentator" again?

What do they do? They comment. That makes them Commenters (since I'm taking a tater away from them, I'll give them the capital, as a courtesy).