Monday, December 28, 2009

Magazine, Book & Humorist of the Year

Here are some more of the categories more than 2,200 of you voted for

Political Magazine of the Year

1. The Spectator
2. Private Eye
3. The Economist

Political Book of the Year

1. A View from the Foothills by Chris Mullin
2. No Expenses Spared - Daily Telegraph
3. Letters to my Grandchildren by Tony Benn

Political Humorist of the Year

1. Ian Hislop
2. Quentin Letts
3. Matt


Anonymous said...

Got Tony Benn's book for crimble and can thoroughly recommend it, whether you're left, right, or not even into politics at all.

Nich Starling said...

Quentin Letts ?????? For goodness sakes. If only "boring" was an Olympic sport. This man could bring home Gold in 2012 !

Ben said...


Does anyone really find him remotely original or funny?