Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Sam Coates on how the right can maintain the blogging momentum.
2. Tory Rascal interviews Nadine Dorries.
3. Rob Halfon turns luddite and wants to 'save our cheques'.
4. Glyn Davies on how Mandy and Gordon are parting company.
5. Danny Kawcynski complains to Ofcom about the Channel 4 Israel influence programme.
6. Tory Outcast explains his choices in my awards poll.
7. Pint of Unionist Lite says bah humbug to UK political blogging.
8. Liberal England reveals the new LibDem election poster.
9. Donal Blaney thinks Peter Mandelson has a point.
10. Tory Story on a Gladstonian 'what if'.
11. Tory Bear on a Labour PPC who is about to "help" Kerry McCarthy.
12. Eric Pickles wishes you a happy Christmas.


Unknown said...

An amazing example of the work being done on the Climategate e-mails.

ItsFairComment said...

There is so much more to come, but the money is in the way of 'An Inconvenient Truth' - that there is no warming (its stable) and a good prospect of cooling.But hey,when you can sell fresh air for billions,let the suckers buy it ...

Jonathan Calder said...
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rob's uncle said...

Clicking on ' Liberal England reveals the new LibDem election poster.' takes one to Donal Blany's 'Does Mandelson have a point?'.

John Costella said...

More work on the Climategate emails ...