Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Beckenham: Just for the Record...

The jungle drums have obviously been working overtime, so thanks to all those who have been in touch wishing me luck in Beckenham, but I think I had better put the record straight. I was reserve candidate, meaning that if someone dropped out of the shortlist of six, I would replace them.

On Friday Daniel Poulter was selected in Suffolk so dropped out in Beckenham. One or two other sites reported that this would mean I was now in the race. That turned out not to be the case. Because the Executive round had already occurred two days earlier, it apparently meant that I could not replace Daniel in the final six. Them's the rules.

I won't pretend I wasn't disappointed - who wouldn't be?

Anyway, now Beckenham has five fine candidates to choose from - Jo-Anne Nadler, Sally Marks, Lynne Hack, Col Bob Stewart and Tariq Ahmad.

May the best one win!


Ralph Hancock said...

Oh dear, poor Iain, always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

Though I do find your desire to join the most loathed and despised group in Britain a shade quixotic.

Paddy Briggs said...

They were all "fine candidates" in Bracknell as well. Aren't there ever any bozos on the Tory lists?

freddo41 said...

Don't be downhearted!
I wouldn't want to be part of a party that didn't have you somewhere near the driving seat.
Good luck!

cassandra said...

Dear Iain,

I write this as a fan and admirer so please do not take offence at the following.

You are as likely to get a place in the new order of Tory MPs as I am, you are witty, smart, independent with a sense of fair play and integrity, you are simply not the right material for the new conservative order of play.
You ask awkward questions and you are open minded, you call a spade a spade and you would have been a perfect MP for the old Tory party which no longer exists.
The new breed of Tory MP is carefully chosen to be 'on message' and loyal to the point of being a zombie nodding head, independent minded MPs and mavericks are not wanted in the new modern party, the new breed are simply expected to obey and fill their boots with cash.
If you wish to be an MP then dont expect the new Tory party to pick you, perhaps you could stand as an independent?

Anonymous said...

Give my best to David and Posh.

Anonymous said...

Iain: You avoided accursed Spelthorne, where the bozos fell like the damned . . . .


BUT apparently the Spelthorne wannabes are the nicest, nicer than the Becks tories, the very nicest . . . they're googy woogy googy.

ToryBanter said...

Reading your blog Iain and seeing Col Bob Stewart is on the list for Beckenham this is a great thing for party.

I saw him speak at UKNDA event at conference. I would say it was the speach of the conference.

He be a great MP and I on my blog are Endorsing him to be the PPC. Others on the list will,no doubt, will be great PPC's but Col Bob can only be a boost to Liam Fox and the Conservative Party. I got more on my blog http://twe.ly/2Rb

Goodwin said...

I think he should stay in America. He's too old for the England team now. :)