Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2009 End of Year Awards: Your Nominations Please

As usual, I'll be creating my End of Year Awards poll and will be putting it online on Wednesday with voting closing on Christmas Day. If you'd care to nominate people in the some or all of the following categories, please do so by clicking the link below...

Politician of the Year
Minister of the Year
Worst Minister of the Year
Conservative MP of the Year (non front bench)
Labour MP of the Year (non Minister)
LibDem MP of the Year
Minority Party MP of the Year
Political Commentator/Columnist of the Year
Favourite Political TV Programme
Favourite Political Radio Programme
Broadcast Journalist of the Year
Print Journalist of the Year
Communicator of the Year
Campaigner of the Year
Speech of the Year
Pressure Group of the Year
Think Tank of the Year
Peer of the Year
Humorist of the Year
Blog Personality of the Year
Right Wing Blog of the Year
Left Wing Blog of the Year
LibDem Blog of the Year
Political Website of the Year (non blog)
International Politician of the Year
Gaffe of the Year
Moment of the Year
Hate Figure of the Year
Sexiest Male Politician of the Year
Sexiest Female Politician of the Year
Welsh/Scottish/Northern Irish Politician of the Year

To nominate in any or all of the categories click HERE.


Tapestry said...

Conservative MP - undoubtedly Douglas Carswell who unseated the Speaker.

Tapestry said...

favourite political TV programme - Spitting Image. Bring it back.

Best speech - Dan Hannan stuffing Gordon Brown in the EP. Biggest youtube/internet political event of the year.

Lord Blagger said...

What about expenses Fraudster of the year?

emily said...

No cartoonist of the year?

Alexander C. Fisher said...

I see a mistake - the Lib Dem and Minority Party MP of the Year sections are listed as two categories, I'd save time and merge them together ;)

Gawain said...

Dull awards list compiler of the year, anyone?

If there was any doubt that the blogosphere is a perfect storm of the egotistic, the autistic and the narcissistic, the endless procession of self-adulatory awards within it - and on this site in particular - dispels it for good.

Roger the Shrubber said...

Humorist of the Year? Either Gordon or Alistair for suggesting that by Easter, the picture will be rosy.

Worst Minister of the year, my MP, Quentin Davies, for considering it necessary to charge his electorate to fix his windows (in May), and Bell Tower, costing around 30K in total..

Unknown said...

No another set of "awards" - come on, they're tedious now.

Tapestry said...

Cheryl Cole says she finds David Cameron slimy.

Nick Griffin seems more her type.


Paul Halsall said...

Best Tory MP. Bercow - he became Speaker following Carswell's error.

Old Holborn said...

"At the end of the day I will pick what I consider to be the best three or four nominations from each category......"

Thanks Iain. Best of luck with a Tory seat.

Old Holborn said...

Iain, seen this?