Monday, February 15, 2010

No Comment

Now that Ali Dizaei has launched an appeal against his conviction, I wonder if we will see Operation Black Vote coming to his aid. They were very keen to write about him winning money off the News of the World in January, but were strangely reticent in commenting on his conviction for corruption. Why would that be then?

Just askin'.

UPDATE: It's been pointed out to me that OBV did in fact write a piece condemning Dizaei. So an apology is due from me. I was told they hadn't done so, I searched their site and couldn't find any trace of one, but it turns out I must have spelled his name wrong. I hold my hands up. I got this wrong and I am sorry.


Julian Bray said...

The Jury took a full ten minutes to convict Desai. The grounds for appeal should be interesting..

A Cloaked Figure said...

I read something last week in one of the broadsheets online about some 'quirky coincidence' regarding the jury at his trial. It sounded intriguing but the media isn't allowed to report whatever it was.

Anonymous said...

One tiny paragraph with a link to a Guardian piece! Jesus, you are really stretching credulity here.

Also, they do mention his conviction and just like the NOW story, they link to a Guardian article:

The only question here, is, will you now apologise?

i am sparticus said...

It pays to have friends in high places.On the day of Ali Dizaei's conviction televised library footage used by both bbc and sky showed at the back of Ali Dizaei's entourage doing his very best not to be noticed was our very own Minister of Transport the Rt Hon Sadiq Khan M.P.With friends like this,this crooks appeal of conviction is by no means certain.

Joe Public said...

At least he can join the BNP now that they've relaxed their membership rules.

A Cloaked Figure said...

"I must have spelled his name wrong."

It's a hard name to remember. When I googled Dizaei last night I got the name so wrong I was one step away from google offering me a page of links to sites with Dalziel and Pascoe on.