Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Daley (Half) Dozen: Thursday

1. Iain Martin on the Greatest Hits of the Forces of Hell.
2. Lobbydog on Edward Garnier's meeting with Tzipi Livni.
3. Ventnor Blog on how he was thrown out of court while a journalist was allowed to stay.
4. Wrinkled Weasel thinks Nigel Farage is a hero.
5. Donal Blaney on tea with Dan Hannan.
6. Cicero's Songs on what the LibDems should do in a Hung Parliament.

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javelin said...

Latest GDP figures, Government spending up by 1.2%, business investment down 5%. EU consumer demand is still poor and wil keep growth below 1%. BRIC demand is huge and will push up imported inflation to above 3%.

George Osborne will have to cut spending as the economy improves. He needs to start with the small print in the employment and Government contracts - do the hard stuff like tackle pensions whilst we are still in a down turn. If he doesn't do it immediately then it will become increasingly hard Letting civil servants go or freezing recruitment will be the easy part.