Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bercow's Buckingham Campaign Gets a Boost

John Bercow's campaign to be re-elected as MP for Buckingham got a boost today with the news that his predecessor George Walden is backing John Stevens, the former Europhile Tory MEP who defected to the LibDems and is fighting Buckingham as an "Independent". With me so far? Walden has never had much time for Bercow, who will lose little sleep over this development. Indeed, it might be in his interest for Stevens to take the spotlight off Nigel Farage.

I have to say I am not a fan of Mr Walden. Back in September 2006, I wrote on this blog...
Former Tory MP George Walden was one of Britain's worst ever High Education Ministers. Since leaving Parliament he has earned a living writing pseudo-intellectual drivel about politics and culture. It's usually unreadable. I attended a discussion evening with him and his wife a couple of years ago, organised by Living Marxism. He was insufferable and spent the whole evening putting down his wife. In the Independent on Sunday diary there is a piece on his book The New Elites in which he slags off David Cameron for "being a posh man pretending to be common". Utter rubbish. But even if it were true, it's better than a pub bore pretending to be an intellectual.

As The Slog says, I stayed on the fence on that one...

How on earth Mr Walden managed to produce the veritable beauty that is his daughter Celia, only God can know. His wife clearly not only has the patience of a saint, but the looks of Athena.


Timothy Belmont said...

Burko ought to be de-selected. The man is a disgrace to his Office.

An Act ought to be passed, whereby it is compulsory to wear the traditional Speaker's apparel of long judicial wig, gold robe, buckle shoes etc.

Let's get rid of Bercow.

Unknown said...

When I look at the candidates in this constituency, I find myself wishing there was some way for them all to lose. And then to die. In great pain. In a country that hasn't discovered morphine yet.

Clameur de Haro said...

Well, quite how Walden "....managed to produce the veritable beauty that is his daughter Celia....." may indeed be a mystery, Iain, but the "...earning a living writing drivel..." ability has certainly passed down a generation.

As have other proclivities, perhaps - Walden père may be hitching himself up to a pretentious political hack of no consequence, but hasn't Walden fille hitched herself up to a pretentious media hack of no consequence?

Span Ows said...

"...the veritable beauty that is his daughter Celia, only God can know."

Don't worry, isn't she Piers Morgan's other half...clearly a fruitcake. (I would have said 'clearly bonkers' but that would appear to make Piers sound like a stud ..!)

Newmania said...

Walden G may be a comically pretentious fart but New Elites was a good loo read . Celia W is pointless and if she and Piers Morgan breed we are in Omen territory . Bercow will probably be the first in line to kiss the devils arse on past form.
Incidentally by “ the looks of Athena “ do you mean the bird with her cheeks hanging out on the tennis court ?
( Or is that just me ?)