Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Walk Round the Moral Maze

Yesterday I appeared for the first time on Radio 4's Moral Maze, which was discussing personality in politics, and whether it's a good thing or not. I took the view that we needed more personality in politics and part of the reason people have become disengaged with politics is that we lack politicians with the personality to explain or sell policies to them. Fellow witnesses were George Pascoe-Watson, Mehdi Hasan and Mark Vernon and we were interrogated by Michael Portillo, Melanie Phillips, Kenan Malik and Clifford Longley.

My eight minutes of fame start at about 19 minutes in. Click HERE to listen.


javelin said...

Personality is important in politics because Prime Ministers shape their office, interactions with other ministers, public relations, decision making etc, etc around them

when Labour acccuse the Tories of playing the man and not the ball they are incorrect.

Gordon has shaped the Government around his need to protect his psychological flaws.

Stepney said...

Quote of the week:

"In the middle of the coup, the former welfare minister Frank Field went to No 10 to plead with Blair not to give way to Brown. "You can't go yet. You can't let Mrs Rochester out of the attic," he said.

Rawnsley writes: "Blair roared with laughter."

javelin said...

Is The boy Milliband about to be bullied by Brown, so that Brown can make a bold statement about the Falklands? This should be a statement by the Foreign Secretary. I guess that Brown is negotiating the statement as I type. (conversation overheard on the train this morning)

This is what I mean by Brown shaping Government to protect his fragile mental health.

Boo said...

Think Portillo hit the nail on the head when speaking to Mehdi Hasan on personality. You excuse the bad characteristics of the people you agree with, and drum up the vices of the people you dislike.
Runs on both sides of the divide. You pick the evidence that confirms your belief

Unknown said...

would that be the Mehdi Hassan that called us all kaffirs?

Roger Thornhill said...

Did anyone else notice how many times "the earth is boiling" was mentioned. The only things that should boiling are the heads of those who think such nonsense and are determined to push their coercive fantasies upon us all.

p.s. I think I shall call Brown "Mrs Rochester" from now on. Many thanks, Stepney.