Saturday, February 20, 2010

Labour's New Slogan Revealed


manwiddicombe said...

I thought it was


Prodicus said...

Good gracious. I think this is my finest hour (blush).

Anonymous said...

No election announced today !

So is the next option April 22?

If so we will have a sloganising propaganda budget. Just what the country needs.

Personally I cannot conceive Brown waiting for a predictably bad 1Q GDP figure in the middle of a campaign. If he does not pick April 22 then I can see us hanging on 'til June.

What a laughable speech from Brown today - 'labour have made mistakes' -- will he care to list them - I doubt they would agree with mine.

Perhaps in 'Family Fortunes' style we can ask a sample 200 to list labours mistakes; then see if a selection from the Cabinet can guess the top 5.

Brown also says he is not perfect - what he means is he makes a bad choice of tie occasionally.

Twig said...

There should be no tax on death.
IHT should be phased out.

The problem in getting our economy going is not that we don't tax it enough but that we tax it too much due to the huge and growing number of non-productive parasites that it supports.

Cynic said...

Yes, Labour supporters shouldn't focus on the Party's achievements - without counselling in advance

Jimmy said...

Gideon Wallpaper believes we should all follow his example and inherit our way out of recession.