Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Sunday

1. Max Atkinson says it is time the Tories learnt from Mrs T.
2. Graeme Archer on the politics of 'Only Connect'.
3. Spiderplant says politicians aren't all bad, you know.
4. Taking Liberties reminds me of some predictions I made in 2003.
5. Political Promise thinks Nigel Farage is a non politician.
6. Stephen Tall reviews Peters Watt's INSIDE OUT.
7. Tracey Crouch puts on her PPC wellies. Good job she wasn't in Brighton.
8. Paul Waugh on how Cameron reacts in a crisis.
9. Tim Worstall on what's wrong with Nick Clegg.
10. Luke Akehurst tells a fellow Labour blogger to zip it.
11. LibDem Voice on the wonders of Victorian contraception.
12. Ideas of Civilisation says it's impossible to predict the election result.

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javelin said...

The BBC editors up to their political tricks this morning. After talking to councils about cuts their headline was "Up to 25,000 jobs to go". However Leeds alone was going to cut 1,500 and Birmingham 2,000 and Nottingham 2,000.

So how I asked did cuts of that scale come to only 25,000

I just picked up the Metro at the station and their headline based on the same figure was "up to 200,000" jobs to go

in fact they both got it wrong. The Metro says there are 2 million people working for councils. Note: this does not include outsourced services. The Metro also said between 5 and 20 % of jobs would go.

So by my calculations the real head line should be "Up to (20% of 2million) 400,000 direct employees could go".

So really once we take outsourcing into effect were looking at up to 250,000 jobs in local councils in the next 2 years.

It's worth noting that even after Thatcher came into power the left wing forces in the BBC continued to be strong - fir example forcing the cancellation of Dr Who. Those who think the BBC will simply roll over politically are naive. A plan must be made to make deep and savage surgery to the BBC to remove it's left wing bias.