Friday, February 26, 2010

On LBC 97.3 Tonight From 7-10pm

For those of you who like to listen to my broadcasts - and yes, there are some of you - I'll be standing on for Petrie Hosken tonight on LBC 97.3 from 7.15-10pm. For those of you not in London LBC is on DAB or you can listen live at

In the 7.15-8pm slot we'll be talking politics with Mehdi Hasan from the New Statesman, looking at the polls and asking whether Boris Johnson is right to say that this is the most boring pre-election period ever.

From 9pm-9m it's 'gadget hour' where we talk gadgets and technology and then after 9pm we'll be talking about the Binyam Mohammed case and asking what we expect of our security services.

And the final topic in the programme will be emotion and sport. Why does emotion dicate so many sporting decisions?

It really is primarily a phone in show so do feel free to dial in and take part in the discussion on 0845 60 60 973 or text 84850 or email

And after 10pm I'm driving down to Brighton for the Tory Spring Forum. At least presenting this has got me out of singing karaoke tonight!


Benny said...

Congrats Iain! I used to love listening to LBC when I was in London and still subscribe to the podcasts so I can listen to Nick Abbot.

Will be tuning in with antici...

tory boys never grow up said...

Yawn - I'm sorry I'll have ot give it a miss my daughter is expecting a bedtime story about a Latin American asylum seeker - or failing that I could go down the pub.

Salmondnet said...

Youm realise you are competing with France V. Wales Iain? Not many Plaid listeners I think.

Dave H said...

(O/T but I just heard this and nearly lost control of the car)

Famous last words:

“Gordon would be in trouble because of his bad temper and the fact that he doesn’t come in the tea room and the fact that you don’t see him for periods and the fact that he does odd things. He would be, as any leader would be, in some trouble if he had a rival, but he doesn’t have rival.”

George Moody, Labour MP, speaking from the House of Commons, on Radio 4's PM programme, broadcast 17:30, 26 Feb 2010.

Mr Moody died at 17:31, 26 Feb 2010, after a short illness, resulting from head injuries received in a high-speed collision with a portable communications device.

Anonymous said...

The Telegraphs economics correspondent points out the 4Q figures are not as good as they look. Tts only 0.3 as opposed 0.1 because the previous years figure have been revised lower.

Will the TV commentators pick up on it? Will the Tories? Trouble is this is a complex notion for an audience fed a diet of Eastender dross.

"The size of the British economy – in other words the total amount of cash generated by its companies and spent by its people – was actually £133m smaller in the fourth quarter than the ONS previously thought."

"Before today’s revisions, it thought the economy pumped out £315,845m worth of output in those three months. Now, it thinks the actual figure was more like £315,712m."

"the ONS ... went back through a whole range of its statistics, and discovered that the recession was in fact significantly deeper than it previously thought. So although in Q4 Britain ended up producing more or less the same amount of cash (actually £133m less ...), it produced even less than was previously thought in the preceding quarters"

The Grim Reaper said...

Iain Dale on the radio vs the Wales v France rugby game?

Sorry Iain, not even you can win this battle!

Patrick said...

Can anyone get in to lbc to listen online? I cant.

Perhaps iain's millions of fans have crashed the online server...

Anonymous said...

Guido points out the increasingly Tabloid Telegraph is desperately digging for (presumably dirt on Cameron's school days. Not university or Eaton but even before that!

Just how scummy is that?

hHey ho just another reason to justify me never buying the print edition as long as the Barclay Bros own the rag.

Anonymous said...

Further to my previous comments, The Telegraph is now reporting …

“The pound slid to new lows on Friday after it emerged that an apparent improvement in Britain’s growth late last year disguised the fact that the Office for National Statistics has actually cut its estimate of Britain’s economic output. ”

A four month low.

Despite all the headlines – “the official estimate of the level of economic output in the fourth quarter was actually £133m lower than the ONS’s previous estimate, at £315,712m. The ONS also revealed that the peak-to-trough fall in economic output was, at 6.2pc,”

Is this a scenario to be calling an election on? Just as well we have a prime minister with a brain the size of a planet.

For those who thrill to the words of bona fide economists …
“Andrew Lilico, chief economist at Policy Exchange, pointed out that the lower estimate of GDP would have far-reaching consequences for the public finances. He said: “A political consequence is that, since the economy will now be smaller at the start of the 2010/11 budget year, tax receipts should now be expected to be lower, so the 2010/11 and 2011/12 deficit projections will need to be revised up – perhaps to above £200bn – even if the deficit ends up fractionally down this year. That makes early spending cuts more urgent.” “

Plato said...

Good effort Iain - you sounded a bit breathy to start with but handled it well.