Monday, February 22, 2010

UKTI Used for Labour Propaganda

UKTI has sent out regional press releases talking about Gordon Brown’s speech at the UKTI conference this morning. Each email looks at local case study successes where foreign companies have been attracted to invest and create jobs in the local area.

All are in Labour seats apart from the East of England one:

Leeds (UKTI, Press Release, 22 February 2010).

· Arla Foods (link), Leeds Central – Hilary Benn (Lab).

Newcastle (UKTI, Press Release, 22 February 2010).

· Tech Mahindra (link), Jarrow - Stephen Hepburn (Lab).

· Nissan – (link), Houghton & Washington East, Frank Kemp (Lab).

· Lotte Chemicals UK (link and link), Recar, Vera Baird QC (Lab).

Warwick (UKTI, Press Release, 22 February 2010).

· PelicanCorp (link), Warwick and Leamington - James Plaskitt (Lab).

Edinburgh (UKTI, Press Release, 22 February 2010).

· ICON plc (link), Edinburgh South West, Rt. Hon. Alistair Darling (Lab).


Victor, NW Kent said...

The government has already pronounced this conference to be a success. Amongst the promises made by the government we read:
" the introduction of a highly trusted sponsor scheme for businesses, to be introduced by the UK Border Agency in autumn 2010.
• the introduction of a wider choice of foreign internship schemes, making it easier for businesses in the UK to bring over the brightest and best graduates from around the globe, from spring 2010."

An interesting new role for the Border Agency.

Elby the Beserk said...

That they can do this - as they have done with the regional Cabinet meetings - without any worries of action against them shows how utterly damaged democracy is in this country,

We're off if they get in again.

Anonymous said...

"trusted sponsor scheme for businesses, to be introduced by the UK Border Agency"

This would seem to imply that instead of keeping people out - the Border Agency are being used to place people in jobs.

To whom it may concern ...
Just how does this fit in with 'British jobs for British workers' ?

Elby - they also feel they can bully people with impunity and that, apropos Mr Dale's other post, also includes the supine Lobby.